At Active Electrical WA we listen carefully to our clients and tailor services to respond to individual project requirements in terms of budget constraints, timeframes and job specifications.



Active Electrical WA staff provide expert service to commercial clients across the state and Perth’s CBD. Our clients can expect a 24/7 commitment from our polite and punctual team.


With over three decades of combined experience, the Active Electrical WA industrial technicians are hard to beat when it comes to delivering expertise, outstanding reliability and elite customer service.


Providing exceptional service to clients for the past 14 years. Our specialist team of contractors can advise on everything from project design and installation to ongoing repairs and maintenance.


WA Commercial Electrician

How can we help you?

As one of Perth’s leading electrical contracting companies, Active Electrical WA prides itself on delivering expert, high quality electrical solutions. Active Electrical WA will provide our clients with:

the best service on time and on budget

the best team of electrical technicians and contractors

a reliable and highly reputable solution to electrical projects

You can be assured that our entire team stays up-to-date with the latest OH&S legislation and best practices and act with due diligence in accordance with individual facility policies.

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